Vocal Mentality

“Giving voice to your mind”

I am passionate about mental health advocacy, especially from the voice and perspective of people who live and walk the journey of having mental illness. It is my conviction and belief that taking charge of our narrative, is what will challenge and overcome stigma. I used to be enveloped by shame and confusion related to my illness.

My lack of insight also led me to reject my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. I was crippled by the fear of how I’d be perceived if people knew about my illness and saw me in a state of vulnerability. After experiencing the pain and humiliation of having a public bipolar episode, I overcame the shame by realising that being open about my journey was empowering and expressing my thoughts and feelings would liberate me.

The key to my emancipation was to give myself permission to not wait for external validation and approval but to give voice to my mind. Vocal Mentality is a mindset- one that is expressive, confident and unapologetic. It speaks to freedom and personal validation. It speaks boldly to challenge religious, cultural, social and self-stigma. It encourages speaking up about the injustices and infringements of rights of those living with various mental illnesses. I encourage you to engage with me bravely and authentically by “Giving voice to your mind”.