What a delightful and memorable time spent at the Veuve Clicquot x Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch 2022.Not only did I have the pleasure to attend this much anticipated event but I was also one of the esteemed speakers. I was invited to speak about ways to cope with a mental illness and protecting our mental health

I am so humbled by the warm reception and pure energy which permeated the room. I believe in the power of owning one’s story and the importance of being authentic when engaging with people in order to connect in a relatable manner.

Its so important to share that although my mental illness is difficult to navigate; I am not suffering from it because that renders me a victim. Instead, I choose to say that I am thriving despite it.

I’m grateful that my message was so well received. Amanda Dambuza, thank you for embracing me so warmly and inviting me onto your amazing platform- it was truly an honour!