I decided to put pen to paper by writing my book called ‘Reflections Of A Convoluted: A journey with my mental illness’. Like journaling, I pursued a meaningful outlet to express my pain, triumphs and struggles relating to my mental illness in order to validate my own experience.

Embarking on this unpredictable path brought me healing and was cathartic. I experienced a variety of emotions while writing my book, ranging from utter joy and exhilarating humour, to immense pain as a result of difficult emotions that I had to contend with as they had triggered deep seated emotions.

The other inspiration and aim for writing my book, was to give a voice and a face to the journey of people living with mental illnesses in order to humanise and validate our lived experience. I intend to garner an understanding and derive empathy both from people who are in any way affected by living with and loving someone living with mental illness and those who seek to understand this complex and colourful journey which is not linear at all. I believe that there is power in choosing to be brave by being vulnerable. I believe that honesty through vulnerability connects us and heals us.

In my book, I aim to connect with the reader by being truthful and authentic. I believe that it is important to take charge of my own narrative relating to my mental illness by being my own mental health advocate and activist. Sharing my experience of being both a patient and a doctor is something which I believe will be enlightening and educational to the reader.

May you be inspired and enlightened by my insights and find your sentiments echoed through how I articulate my story.

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